Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Five smooth Stones

God is good. It has been an amazing year. My father has survived broken back and broken ribs, my son who was depressed beyond imagining is now "fully" recovered. He is now a paid author, as well as being a copy editor for a magazine. Work seems to be coming to me, in answer to God's promise. "Trust Me. I will provide".

That is the story of David. He trusted in God. Goliath trusted in his own strength. There is a strange paradox here. God gives us strength. Yet, He tells us not to rely on it. My strengths: Intellect, poetry, understanding, are but filthy rags, yet he wants me to use them to His Glory. My question in response to David and Goliath:
How do we use our strengths without relying on them? Living in the tension. Are you aware of God being with you? Mindful of His presence, so intimate you hear Him, in the midst of the chaos.

Here is a poem that applies.
Five Smooth Stones
You try to fight
with the wrong weapons.
Don’t rely
on your own strength.
Rely on Me.
Saul tried to get David
to wear Saul’s armor.
David picked up
five smooth stones.
Like David rely on Me.
Inspired by Adolpho Moreno (translated by John Bueno) October 8, 2003 at Coalition Gathering in Portland Ore.
© Presbypoet October 8, 2003


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