Sunday, February 25, 2007

Invitational Love

Sin seems to be in our nature. Whether you believe in original sin, or simply are a student of history, sin seems imbedded in life. Even when we try to offer our best, our best is just filthy rags. We like Cain don't have anything that God could seem to admire.

This poem inspired by a sermon at a presbytery meeting may offer an answer, or at least some questions.

Invitational Love

You Sin.
You need rules
you can follow
to avoid sin.

But rules condemn.
There is no way
you can keep all
six hundred thirteen.

The answer is
so very simple.
Just love Me &
love the other.

I invite you
to love Me.
I invite you to
love the other.

Come join Me
on this path.
Walk in Love.
Learn Forgiveness.

Inspired by Chad R. sermon January 27, 2007
© Presbypoet January 27, 2007

Is this the answer, or is there more?
Do you love God?
Do you know He loves you?


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