Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Deep Roots

When you read about the escape from Egypt by Israel, one thing that stands out is a lack of gratitude. God has just freed them from years of slavery, and rescued them from an Egyptian army, yet at the first sign of trouble, they start complaining, like spoiled teenagers who can't get their every demand answered. "What have you done for me lately?" Seems to be their "prayer" to God. Softies who can't handle adversity.

To survive hard times, we need to look at plants in the desert. To survive hard times, they send roots deep into the soil to find distant water. When drought comes, plants with deep roots survive. Jeremiah chapter seven verses 5-9 inspired this poem. Do you have deep roots?

Deep Roots

Be planted with roots
deep in My Holy soil.
Depend on Me to
provide all your needs.

My water of life
will sustain you.
Through life's droughts
be not afraid.

Don't depend on the
world to sustain you.
Trust in Me.
I will provide.

(Inspired by Mark R. February 11, 2007)
(Jeremiah 7: 5-9)
© Presbypoet (February 11, 2005)


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