Wednesday, February 21, 2007

True Peace

If you want a mind expanding experience, read Job & Psalms at the same time. A true paradoxical experience. The psalms are all about how God will save me. Good triumphs. God is good. God rewards virtue. God saves us. Job is about how you can the most virtuous man on the face of the earth, and God for no apparent reason, can just decide to slam you & your family.

A strand of understanding comes with a realization; when we are in pain, we assume it is bad. We demand God get rid of pain. Perhaps we would benefit if we ask God not just why? Perhaps we need to be still and listen to God to hear what we should do. Read Roman's chapter five, and learn how we can be blessed with suffering.

Today's poem is an outflow of listening to a prayer for peace that demanded an end to war. It seems God's answer/question is: "Will you be at peace in the midst of Chaos?"
This poem came as the prayer demanded an end to war, so we could have peace. God's plan seems so much more difficult. Yet involves us much more in cocreation with Him.

True Peace

You seek an end
to war & terror
You pray for peace
that is absence of violence.

What I promise tis
much stranger gift.
I promise peace
in midst of chaos.

Learn to appreciate
this strange blessing,
True joy the world
will never understand.

Be united in the
Kingdom of God.
Be joined in My
Rule & Reign.

(Romans Ch. 5)
© Presbypoet, February 11, 2007


Anonymous John said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne Australia. I came across your blog via Belmont Club---the apologists for the so called "culture" of scientism and competitive individualism.
Please check out these related references on the relationship between religion, science & culture.


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