Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back again

Breaking your left arm and having to wear a cast for two months is a good excuse for not posting. I could have typed with one hand, but only slowly.

I have much to catch up on, as the physical therapist helps me learn how to use my left hand again. My left wrist has a range of motion of about 20 degrees. It is easier to type now than with one hand, but i still need to teach my fingers how to reach the right keys. It hurts to type, but it is a good pain.

This series of physical limitations, the broken arm, major surgery to remove a blockage in my digestive tract, all have taught lessons in patience, gratitude, and being a blessing in your pain, and to appreciate a wife willing to drive you to all the doctors you need to see.

I broke my arm witnessing. I had just handed a tract to someone. I stepped back, lost my footing, and used my left arm to break my fall, and break my arm. (both major bones were snapped, so the muscles in my left arm shortened my arm about two inches).

I had an interesting conversation with God in the emergency room, as they tried to stretch my arm back into the right position. I heard God ask me "If it required my suffering, to save the man i had witnessed to, was i ok with that?" An interesting question as my left arm is stretched in a modern day rack. Was I willing to participate in blessing someone with my pain? After contemplating this strange question, and reluctantly agreeing that yes, i suppose i was willing to suffer to save a lost sheep. It was kind of cool. I could save someone through my suffering?

After agreeing, then came a harder question. Was i OK with suffering if it was not sufficient to save this guy i had fallen for? Not sufficient, but still required. I get no credit for saving this guy. He would have to accept salvation as a gift. So all my suffering might be for naught. Contemplated this more interesting question, as my arm slowly shifts. Contemplating the question, it came to me that this was exactly what Jesus did on the cross. He suffered for us, necessary, but not sufficient. His offer of eternal life still requires we accept this gift.

So during my 8 hours in the emergency room, there was a lesson taught about the cross, and Jesus gift to us. Will we accept? Are we willing to join Him in the fellowship of His suffering? You can learn so much from suffering.

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