Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Moses' Staff

Moses took My staff.
He struck the rock.
Water flowed so
My people could live.

He held My staff aloft
giving victory to My people.
Moses had My staff
sign of My power.

Icon for all to see
in midst of wilderness.

Yet Moses thought
it was his staff.
As he struck the rock
a second time.

Using My gift for
his own purposes.
Forgetting it was
My staff.

What are the gifts
I give you?
Will you remember
who's gift they are?

Will you use them
to serve Me?
(Exodus 17: 1-13, Numbers 20: 2-13)
© Presbypoet, February 27, 2005

Do you understand you are here for a purpose?
Do you understand who's purpose it is?
What are your gifts?
How do you use them?
All questions I find hard.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Visit From Death

Death has come to visit.
Death has come for me.
I do not fear death-
He asks me to choose a paradox.

To choose death is the greatest sin.
To seek to become God/a god.
To control the ultimate power.
To commit the Sin of Columbine.
To take God’s greatest Gift by Force.
To say to God I command not you.
To choose the Devil’s path.
To seize control from God.

Yet I must embrace death.
See how like Tom obedient in Death
who showed how to live while dying.
To choose life while embracing death
such seeming opposites.
The question of Schrodinger’s cat.
How can we be partly dead?
Yet live?

Yet we are all
walking dead men.
To live life fully
do not fear death.
To live most completely.
We must be willing to die.
Death comes.
Are you ready?
The End

written 5:12 AM, May 30, 1999
© Presbypoet May 30, 1999

I heard this on Sunday morning.
I went to church, and felt faint.
I asked for help, and was taken to a hospital.
I lost about five pints of blood.
Without transfusions, i might have died.
Death truly had come to visit.
I was ready to die.
But lived.

Are you ready to die?