Sunday, May 29, 2005

Goodbye J.

Thank you for letting me go.
I know you loved me.
You showed it by thinking of me
instead of yourself. (this is true agape love)

It was hard I know.
Hard to watch me die.
Remember this lesson about love.
If you love you will be hurt.

Let the pain remind you
of the joy we knew and shared.
Some think to escape the pain.
They will never know our joy.

This is not the end you know
but only start of eternity.
I am with God now
at peace with our Master.

Know for sure we will meet again
where pain does cease
where joy abounds
where tears are washed away.

Also, tell the one who writes
I met a funny looking bunny.
She also sends her love.
Until we meet again, goodbye beloved.

From your dog
Heard May 12, 2004 © Presbypoet

Monday, May 09, 2005


You wonder why
I won't heal your addictions.
Why should I bother.
If you only seek a new master.

The problem
isn't the addiction.
It's you want something
to fill the hole.

Unless you take Me within
if I cast out one demon
seven would come
in its place.
(Luke 11:24-26)
© Presbypoet, January 9, 2005