Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I Became Man

The devil tempted Me
not to be truly human.
Tempted Me to just
skip the suffering.

When I was tempted.
The offer was real.
I became fully man
and suffered with you.

Because I love you
I came to suffer.
I truly suffered.
Endured pain for you.

On that cross I hung
bearing full weight of
sin.The nails were real
driven into real flesh.

I died on that cross.
To free you from sin.
Then rose in three days.
With vic'tory over death.
(Matthew 4:1-11)
Inspired by homily by Fr. Michael M.
© Presbypoet, February 13, 2005


Anonymous melody said...

I just wanted to say that i really enjoyed this poem. It's just a great thing to know that there are still people in this world who get pleasure from the Lord's work. I'm glad there are sites like this one that let people see the Truth.


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