Tuesday, January 04, 2005

You ask Why

Don't ask why.
When death intrudes.
When tsunami strikes.
When evil strides triumphant.
Instead I ask you My beloved.
Do you trust Me fully?

I allow evil and death.
I allow danger and disaster.
Pain and suffering oft result.
I offer you real freedom.
You can choose whom you will serve.
Will you follow Me or be the devil's pawn.

"Why" is far beyond comprehension.
Yet "why" is easy to understand.
If you truly love you give freedom.
Prodigal's father lets him go knowing son can die.
Yet patiently he waits for beloved son's return.
He gave him freedom to fail on order to succeed.

It's not that in Genesis garden myth
devil won when Eve the "apple" bit
and Adam joined her in the bitter fall.
A myth that seems to say
twas mistake to offer freedom they chose
it was their fault and I was not involved.

You think that I am a distant God.
I love you more than any parent
who lets go a bicycle so child
can learn to ride like the wind.
I sent My son and came for you.
To save you from your sin.

Death didn't/doesn't win.
Evil's triumph is not the end.
Hope is real and true.
I love you far beyond your knowing.
Do you love and trust Me?
I give you freedom to come to Me.
What is your choice?
© Presbypoet, January 4, 2005
Why do you keep asking why?
Will you learn to trust Him?


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