Saturday, January 01, 2005

A God Who Died For Me

(Love so amazing beyond comprehension)

You came.
You left heavens glory.
You became helpless babe.
You willingly drank bitter cup.
You suffered most painful death.
You forgave those who betray you.
You offer a gift beyond price.
You offer transformation
and union with God.
You offer life.

Adulterous woman waited.
Waited for stones to crush bones.
Hopeless and alone, deserving death.
Thief on his cross only able to speak and die.
Tax collector beating his chest aware of unworthiness.
Like them I have no gift worthy of you to give.
I desire your glorious gift of life eternal.
Your gift fills me with awe.
Lord I am not worthy.
I accept your gift.
John 8:2-11
© Presbypoet, March 10, 2004
Do you? - Presbypoet January 1, 2005


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