Friday, December 24, 2004

On doing good

I posted this on Belmont Club. I shall expand on this later. Comments are appreciated. - Presbypoet.
Evil always seems to have the easy time. It seems to have all the advantages. God seems to demand so much of those who would be/do good.
Be willing to think of others first.
Be willing to forgive.
Be patient.
Be joyful in the midst of suffering.
Be willing to trust.
Be grateful.
All these things that are real, yet so hard for us to understand. Even harder for us to do. The more aware you are, the more you see how much evil there is. Imagine Jesus, with all his ability to see the truth. He saw more evil than any of us can imagine. We see the rich man looking good. Making his public prayers, coming and telling Jesus how he kept all the commandments. Yet Jesus saw his heart, saw the one thing that owned him. Told him he must go sell that which owned him.

What owns us this Christmas? What owns you? What owns the men willing to die in suicide bombings. I would be interested in posts on two subjects.
One; what are the things of good.
Two; what owns us and keeps us from doing good.

It took courage to walk into a military base knowing you will die. We face a foe who is honorable in their eyes.
We do not face insane people.
We do not face fools. (well some of them particularly the LLL). To defeat them, requires we understand how their minds work. I have found a book by an American who joined the Jihad, and also informed for the FBI, very informative. Called "My Jihad", by Aukai Collins, it is eye opening. He was invited to go to Afghanistan by Bin Laden, but the CIA told him not to go. (P.176)

We need to understand why and how Islam owns the Jihadi, and what truly motivates them. It isn't poverty and stupidity. The answer is...(cont.)


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