Wednesday, December 22, 2004

In Midst of Despair Real Hope

Not wimpy pseudo hope
with wishes so silly
but rock certain knowing
saying nuts to the Devil.
To walk in total darkness
and yet see the light.
Nothing can separate
Nothing can divide.
My eyes are on you.
I’ve nothing to fear.
My life in your hands
a sheep of the Shepherd.
My Savior Lives.
I’m in his arms.
Hope is knowing for certain
being joyful in suffering.
Knowing it all will make sense
when nothing makes sense.
To rejoice in the dying.
Yet embrace the life.
To march up the hill.
To stay in the fight.
Go forward for justice
and live for the right.
To work for your purpose,
But purpose not your own.
But God’s holy purpose.
That never will die.
Knowing for certain.
Our hands in His holes.
He once truly died.
Then rose for us all.
That we all will have Hope,

Its easy to be hopeful
when you’ve nothing to fear.
It’s hard to be hopeful
when everything, you fear...
© Presbypoet January 8,2000

What do you fear?


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