Sunday, December 12, 2004


I am coming
How will you respond?
Christmas is coming.
How will you respond?

Do you hear John?
His repentance call.
Do you fear
My return?

Prepare to hear
Me this Christmas.
Prepare to open
yourself to Me.

Remove the obstructions.
Smooth the path.
Make ready.
Hear Me today.

Take time to reflect.
To hear My demand.
To know why I came.
My purpose on Earth.

Why did/do I come.
See My death
& Resurrection.
At this natal time.

Find Me in your valleys
not just the peaks.
Bring your justice.
Bring your peace.
© December 10, 2000 Presbypoet
Do you know why He came? - Presbypoet December 12, 2004


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