Friday, December 03, 2004

Ode to a Bird

Good bye Tamu
I never knew you.
I only see the pain
in the eyes
and hear the pain
in the sound
of the voices
of those who loved you.

Tamu, you were loved.
You will be missed.
You will be remembered.
you made a difference
in your short life.
Your passing brings pain
sorrow and grief.
Questions of who did what wrong?

Life is like that.
Awful things happen.
Death crashes all of our parties.
Death seems attached to life
marking much more than mere end.
Death seems essential, needed to live true life.
May we learn from your passing
to rejoice in our lives.

To honor those God’s brought
into our lives.
To appreciate who we have
while they are here.
To embrace the love
of those around us.
To not fear to love
knowing death waits outside.
May 14, 2000, Presbypoet

Thoughts on death at Christmas
Not your usual fare,
but a reminder to appreciate the ones you love.
Presbypoet - December 3, 2004


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