Thursday, November 25, 2004

Escaping Your Pigs

I give you blessings,
for you to use.
Given freely
without restriction.
Yours to choose
how to use.

You take My gifts
given you.
Squander them
waste My bounty.
You wander off
leave My fold.
Think you’re in charge
can do anything you want.

you hoard My blessings
keep them
to yourself.
Think you need
no one else.
Your possessions
will save you.

In separation
from My love
you stumble
& fall.
Friends forsake
you’re stuck feeding pigs.

Blinded by pride
escape is impossible.
No one to save you
from your pigs.
Pride traps you.
You’re too proud
to ask for help.
Pigs surround you.

Trapped by pride,
in desperate misery.
Come to your senses,
admit you’re wrong.
Leave your pigs,
choose hope.
Hope of forgiveness,
healing, & salvation.

Surrender your pride,
ask for help.
In deepest darkness, remember,
you’re never alone.
Abandon your pigs.
Trust your Abba,
waits for you,
to come home.

Reach out your hand.
Come to your daddy.
Patiently waiting for you,
accept My forgiveness.
Open to Me,
take My blessings.
Put on My robe,
of joy.

Come to My banquet.
Sit down & enjoy.
Not just as servant,
but dear beloved child.
Accept My ring,
sign of forgiveness.
Drink My cup.
Rejoice in My presence.
(Luke 15: 11-32)
©Presbypoet June 17, 2001
Will you come to his banquet?
What pigs do you need to escape?


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