Thursday, November 18, 2004

Heros of Flight 93

Brave Men
we honor your courage
that dark 9-1-1.
When blackness came
unwanted & unexpected.
We honor you.
men who’d never met.
Never planned to be heroes.

We know not what you did
but know what you did.
you found much to live for.
You show us
to truly live
you must be prepared
to die.

We honor your courage.
You stepped out in faith
knowing you faced death.
You stood up for right
shed chains of fear.
No longer victims
but conquerors
of evil.

You fought for freedom.
Fought to save
those you never knew.
We honor you.
We give you praise.
No marble monument adequate
to demonstrate
our gratitude.

Help us honor
your courage
your action.
May we too
stand up to evil.
Prepared to sacrifice all.
May we honor your courage
with our lives.
©Presbypoet, September 13, 2001
This was writen to honor those who sacrificed on flight 93.
They did more than they could ever have known.
Today in Fallujah other Americans are standing up to evil.
I work on a fitting poem for them.
It is hard to find words adequate to express my gratitude.
Presbypoet - November 18, 2004


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