Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Goodbye Beloved

Thank you for time too short
I shared with you.
I miss your charm & grace.
You always brought such joy.

Always so sure
how life was lived.
Your leaps of joy
a thrill to see.

But you are gone
your time so short.
Now buried in the ground.
Cold death seized you.

Never more to meet on earth
to share our love & joy.
The love we shared
only bitter pain of loss.

Yet deep in my soul I know
we’ll meet again
where pain does cease & joy abounds.
Where tears are washed away.

Then such bliss.
To know you forever.
Till then
goodbye beloved.
©Presbypoet, 1-22-02

A poem on the loss of a pet.
Do you think that dogs go to heaven?
Presbypoet November 11, 2004


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