Thursday, October 28, 2004

Come to Me Boldly

Come to Me,
Don’t fear,
to ask.
Do you fear,
if you ask for fish,
You’ll get a snake?
What father’d do that?

Like Abraham,
challenged Me,
to save,
Sodom’s righteous,
even if,
there were only 10.
Don’t fear to ask.
Come to Me boldly

Cry out to Me,
in your valley,
of despair.
When all seems lost.
When gloom’s fog,
hides Me,
from you,
cry out boldly.

Know I’ll open,
door at midnight.
To give you,
bread you need.
Don’t fear,
to ask.
Come to Me,
Gen. 18: 22-32, Luke 18:5-13
©Bob F., July 29, 2001

Do you know you can knock anytime?
What do you need to ask for?
Will you come to him boldly?


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