Saturday, October 23, 2004

How to be a Passionate Servant

Start where you are
to serve Me.
Start with every face
I put before you.

All the strange ones
pierced, lost and broken.
The messy and dirty sinners
love them in My name.

Know them by name.
Be My representative.
Everything you do
is of cosmic importance.

Practice until you
reach the heart.
The cause monumentally greater
than yourself.

Pour more heart
into what you do.
Pray you will give
from your soul.

Come back to Me.
Let Me light your fire
so your heart will
burn for Me.
(inspired by Wayne Cordeiro, January 17, 2004)
© Bob F., January 17, 2004

Is there fire in your heart?
How do you respond when God sends you messy ones?
Will you embrace them?
Bob - October 23, 2004

Posting may miss a few days this week.
Not sure if I will have internet access.
Back daily on October 29th.


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