Friday, October 15, 2004

Do You Know Me?

Who am I?
Do you know Me?
I asked My disciples.
Peter knew.
My birthplace.
Not My beginning.
Truly God become man.

Who am I?
Do you know Me?
I ask you.
Take Me within.
I truly came.
I truly lived.
I truly died.
I truly rose.

Who am I?
Do you know Me?
Read My word.
Hear My voice.
Be buried with M,
washed in My blood.
Eat My body.
Drink My blood.

Who am I?
Do you know Me?
I ask you.
Do you know?
Open your door.
Let Me in.
Walk with Me
in joyful obedience.
┬ęBob F, August 6, 2000

A simple question God asks us. Do you know Him?

If you don't it is the easiest thing in the world
to ask Him to come into your life.

Today I was talking to a homeless man I have been
trying to help for five years. There was a woman I'd never seen
with him. As we talked, i learned she didn't know
God. I asked if she wanted to know Him, and she
invited Jesus into her heart. She said she could
feel Him.

So simple...just open your door and let Him in.


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