Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bringin Order to Chaos

You sail off alone
without Me.
The storm arises.
Supposed safety becomes chaos.

The chaos terrifies.
You cannot conquer.
You cry out.
Blind to My presence.

Through waves of chaos
I come to you.
Will you see Me
in the chaos?

I come to you
yet seem to pass by.
Will you know it is Me?
Will you cry out to Me?

Will you join Peter?
Will you step into the chaos?
Will you trust Me
and come to Me?

Trust Me I bring order.
I offer peace in midst of chaos.
Take My hand
and accept My gift.
(Matthew 14:22-33)
© Bob F., Heard at 6:30 AM February 21, 2004

These are hard instructions to follow.
We ask Him to calm the chaos first,
and he says step out into it and trust Me.
Bob October 5, 2004


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