Friday, September 10, 2004

Take up Your Cross

Put down your idols.
Take up your cross.
Follow Me.
Step out in faith.

Hear My demand.
Do the impossible.
Like Peter
step from your boat.

Your hands too full
to take up your cross.
Let Me empty them
so you can follow.

Your idols bind you
with chains
impossible for you
to break.

Surrender your idols,
to Me.
Let Me break,
their chains.

Take up your cross.
Follow Me.
I will lead you,
to joy.
© Bob, September 9, 2001
I heard this two days before the towers fell.
Hard to know just what will be required.
What cross will we have to take up?
What innocents will die in the coming days?

What things still keep us from doing
what we should do?


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