Sunday, October 03, 2004

Divine Appointments

Beloved - I intend to fill all your life
to overflowing
with My blessing - Divine Appointments.

Far too often you are blind
unaware you miss
My glorious gift given you.

You pass by on the other side
not knowing
I want you to bless and be blessed by others.

Along simple ordinary paths
of everyday life
My Divine surprises await you.

Every person or conversation
that comes
can be unexpected encounter with Me.

You may entertain angels unaware
if you obey.
Expect the unexpected and be blessed.

Be alert as you walk through life.
Open your eyes.
See the awesome beauty of My perfect plan.

Synchronize your life with Mine.
Become intimate.
Approve and embrace My design.

Let Me teach you to turn aside
from your rutted road
and live My Divine Appointments.
© Bob F., February 10, 2004, Revised March 6, 2004

How many of us live our lives mindful of how we are part of God's plan. Try to live tomorrow aware of His Divine Appointments. Will you see a homeless man by the side of the road and turn aside? Ask Him what He wants you to do. October 3, 2004


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