Saturday, September 11, 2004

Finding God at the World Trade Center

Devil Cloud

You saw the devil’s face
looming in awful cloud.
Death bringing cloud
from tower’s fall.
True face of evil showed
plain above the earth.
More than mere sign of evil
true devil face in New York sky.
©Bob, September 25, 2001

Finding God at the World Trade Center

You saw the devil’s
leering face.
You thought it meant he’d won.
But you saw Me
in hero’s faces
standing against evil.
In hero firemen
running into buildings.

You see Me
in child’s face.
Tears flowing
at their loss.
You see Me
in friend holding picture.
Friend feeling pain
caused by love’s loss.

You think that I
am absent in this time
of great grief.
In this agony of pain.
I’m right here beside you.
Reach out.
Let Me
take your hand.
© Bob September 15, 2001

These poems sum up a feeble understanding of how God
is present with us in dark times like these.


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