Sunday, October 24, 2004

Guest at the Wedding Feast

I lie here bound.
I missed my chance.
Offered the wedding feast,
I chose the outer darkness.
Grace offered freely,
I refused the gift.
Offered the radiant garment,
I chose to retain my filthy rags.

I lie here naked,
my filthy rags,
no use against the cold.
I too proud to wear,
Another’s cloak.
My pride has lead to death.
I rejected His gift.
I chose death.
(Matthew 22:11-14)
©Bob F. August 20, 2001
What are the times you choose to reject
a gift like this?
What wedding gift is God offering you?
Posting may be spotty this week,
limited internet access until October 29th.
Bob - October 24, 2004


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