Sunday, October 31, 2004

Agape Love

(unconditional love)

This is agape love.
Give without thought of return.
Demand nothing.
Simply want the best.
Love your enemy.
The heretic.
The terrorist.
The other.

The bureaucrat safe in
his fortress of rules.
The arrogant bitch
in her black SUV
sure she owns the universe.
These are the ones to learn to love.
It is impossible in your own strength.
(don’t you know it)

To love unconditionally
those who will never
no never
ask for forgiveness.
The bitch in her black SUV.
The rapist.
The monopolist.
All who seek to control like you.

They don’t know
My agape love.
Come accept
My agape love.
Then show them
My love.
Love them
As I love you.
Matthew 5:43-47, Luke 6:27-36
© Bob F., November 16, 2003, heard at 6AM

Have you met one of these?
How did you respond?
Will you accept agape love from Jesus?
Who do you need to forgive?
Presbypoet - October 31, 2004


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