Saturday, October 30, 2004

Are you One of My Sheep

Who am I?
Do you know?
Hear the woman
rushing from the well.
You pick up stones
you don’t understand.

You aren’t
one of My sheep.
If you were
you would know My voice.
If you were
one of My sheep.

No one could snatch you
from My hand.
(John 10: 1-18)
© Bob F, February 16, 2000

Do you know His voice?
How can you hear His voice?
Have you ever listened?
Presbypoet - October 30, 2004


Blogger Doug said...

Really appreciate your posts at Belmont.
Sorry about the late night post ...thought I'd get right back next day. ...but.
Anyway, that "Joy" post was great, as are all of them I've seen thus far.

Blogger Doug said...

Are some of your previous posts missing?
(the what is Joy one, for instance?)


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