Saturday, November 13, 2004

Go Feed Them

You ask Me to solve your problems
like My disciples asked
Me to do something
for the five thousand.

I told My friends
"To feed them."
I ask you to do
just as impossible things.

Give Me your gifts.
Let Me bless them.
Then you can go
and bless the world.

Learn you are
My hands and feet.
Your voice must
speak My words.

Let Me refine you.
Let Me bless you
so you can feed
your five thousand.
(Luke 9:11-17)
Inspired by homily by Mark Ravizza, June 13, 2004
┬ęPresbypoet, June 13, 2004
What gifts has God given you to give Him?
What are you asking God to do
that He is asking you to do?
Presbypoet - November 13, 2004


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