Sunday, November 21, 2004


As you gather
round this table
full of My blessings.
Will you thank Me?
As you count
your blessings
& think of all you have.
Will you praise Me?

As November’s days fade.
As winter’s darkness looms
& summer’s hope flees.
Will you hear Me?
In time of trouble
or time of plenty
when I seem silent & distant.
Will you obey Me?

As you stumble
on life’s path
without direction.
Will you follow Me?
In midst of affliction
pain, grief & testing.
In your time of refining.
Will you thank Me?

Rejoice on this day
of thanksgiving.
See Me
in your blessings.
See Me
in your pain.
See Me
at this table.
© Presbypoet, November 18, 2001

Do you see Him at your table?
Do you rejoice?
Presbypoet - November 21, 2004


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