Monday, November 29, 2004

Christ The King

Death is coming.
How will you respond?
Winter’s chill
reminder of death.

Life’s final curtain.
Door to eternal life.
Will you be glad
to see Me?

Am I your Lord
& King?
Do you serve Me
in love?

Do you feed Me?
Clothe Me?
Visit Me in
sickness & prison?

Are you thankful
I’m your King?
Thankful I guide
your life?

As you pause
to give thanks
are you joyful
in your service?
© Presbypoet, November 24, 2002
Revelation 17:14, Matthew 25:31-46
Do you serve Him?
Do you give thanks?
Are you joyful?
Presbypoet - November 29, 2004


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