Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Death On Christmas Eve

I met Death

on Christmas Eve.

He sat with a man

homeless by choice.

Offered life

he chose death.

Offered freedom

in the rules of the shelter.

He chose bondage

in the freedom of the streets.

The joy of Christmas

is no longer simple.

The baby in coming

offers the chance

to reject life

and choose death.

The essence of tragedy

to see the horror of man

choosing death as a partner.

┬ęPresbypoet, December 24, 1999

The homeless man
who inspired this poem is sick.
The night is very cold.
He still resists help.
Death still sits beside him.
Please pray for him.
Presbypoet - November 30, 2004

Update December 1st,
After praying for this man at our Tuesday mens group,
I stopped at the store to buy something.
I saw him lying on the ground, too sick to get up.
He was being tended by an Angel. Another person who
knows him was carefully making sure he was warm.
As I stood there, she told him a pastor was coming
in the morning to help him.
I helped her move some shopping carts
so no one would disturb him.
Simple acts of love.
Answered Prayer?


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