Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Road of Peace

Let Me build you
a road.
A straight road
through the wilderness.
A road with
no hills and valleys.
A road built
with heaven's peace.

You try to build
your own road.
You build roads
based on what you do.
Based on trauma.
Based on who or what you know.
Your road sends you through
a slough of despair.

Come walk My road.
The road of peace.
Come walk with Me
on My road of peace.
The toll is all of you.
Leave your old road.
Then invite all you know
to come to My road of peace.
(Luke 3:1-18)
Inspired by Dennis W, December 5, 2004
© Presbypoet, December 5, 2004
What road do you walk?
Does He walk with you?


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