Sunday, December 19, 2004

Joy to the World

Joy to the World
that is My decree.
Freedom from bondage.
Freedom to come to Me.
Not mere happiness
found at end of suffering.
But true joy in midst of storm.
Relax and let go in your storm.

Keep your eyes on Me.
See Me in your journey.
Know joy on your cross.
Know I’m in control.
No matter what happens.
Appreciate gifts I give you.
Rejoice in My presence.
Rejoice. You belong to Me.

Be Not Afraid for I am with you.
(Luke 2:18-25, Isaiah 43:1-2)
© Presbypoet, December 16, 2001
Do you have Joy?
Do you know what is Joy?
Joy to the World


Blogger Doug said...

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Blogger Doug said...

Wonderful Post.


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