Thursday, December 23, 2004

Joseph and His Dream

Do you understand
his hard task?
To embrace Mary and
her strange story?
To trust the dream
confirming her story?
To be God’s father?
To raise another’s child?

Hearing whispers and gossip
filled with pain.
Wondering if they were true.
To trust and go to Egypt.
Do you truly comprehend
how hard a task it was?
Do you understand
how great his trust?

This is My demand to you.
Will you be like Joseph?
Will you trust Me?
Will you hear Me and obey?
Will you embrace My dream?
Will you take My son
into your heart?
Will you go to your Egypt?
(Matthew 1:18-25, 2:13-15, Luke 2:41-52)
© Presbypoet, December 28, 2003
Will you be like Joseph


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