Friday, December 31, 2004

Forgive Ernest Litweiler

You want him
to come
and beg
for forgiveness.
No one came
to Me
on My cross
when I forgave you.

Will you forgive
those who hurt you?
So you can accept
My forgiveness.
Can you forgive
those who hurt you?
So you can receive
My forgiveness.

In bitter pain
go to the one
who hurt you.
Who never asked
for forgiveness.
Open your festering wound.
Embrace your awful pain.
forgive and be healed.

Don’t tell Me.
"It doesn’t matter."
I know you too well
My beloved.
Do you want
to be healed?
Let Go.
Forgive Ernest Litweiler.

(Inspired by Rev. Jack L., pastor Trinity Presbyterian Church)
(Matthew 6:6-15)
©Presbypoet, June 7, 2003
Ernest Litweiler was the man Jack needed to forgive.
Do you have an Ernest Litweiler you need to forgive?
Do you understand many you need to forgive,
will never ask for forgiveness.
In order for you to be healed,
forgive them or the poison will remain.

I know this is hard.
I know the pain.
It is impossible on our own.
Yet this is the way to freedom.
- Presbypoet

Joy and happiness, coming soon.
Have a joyful 2005.


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